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Bronze Age metal and amber in the Netherlands (III:2) Catalogue of the socketed axes, part B

(2005) Butler, J.J.; Steegstra, Hannie

This, Part III:2B of the publication of Bronze Age metal and amber in the Netherlands, is the second
part of a catalogue and evaluation of the bronze socketed axes in the Netherlands. We classify, list and map the
socketed axes with imitation wings (without face arches); those with face arches (without imitation wings); those
with imitation wings and face arches; those of Form Wesseling; and some others. Attention is given to questions of
importation and regional production, to the existence of an ‘Ems-Weser’ or ‘Hunze-Ems’ axe-producing industry. A
subsequent Part III:2C will display types, whether imported or local/regional products, represented by numbers too
small in the Netherlands to have a distinctive distribution.


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